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Why a Gold-backed IRA is the best choice for your retirement?

Millions of American’s are seizing this opportunity to diversify their retirement assets with IRS approved, physical Gold and Silver. Most people believe that they are already diversified. They own stocks, mutual funds, bonds and CD’s within their retirement portfolio. Diversified…right? Think again. All of these instruments are paper and have no tangible asset backing. You don’t even get the actual stock or share certificates. A “promise to pay” is worthless if there is nothing left to pay it with at redemption.This is just part of the unforeseen risk paper investors have to accept together with third-party counter risk and a host of manipulative strategies employed by traders to skim shareholder wealth in the form of big commissions and administrative fees.

What is a Gold IRA?

A Gold IRA is a retirement account backed by physical, tangible Gold and Silver. These assets can be in the form of a self-directed; Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, Solo 401(k) and even a Defined Benefit Pension Plan. The retirement account, whether a new IRA or a rollover from a previously qualified plan, must be administered by a qualified custodian with the metals supplied by an authorized precious dealer.

In 1997, the Tax Payer Relief Act allowed Gold and Silver to be added to IRA accounts. This includes select, physical Gold, Silver & Platinum coins, rounds and bars. Both domestic and select foreign bullion and semi-numismatic coins are allowed. Numismatic coins, (coins minted prior to 1933), are not authorized for inclusion in retirement portfolios.

As with most qualified plans, the asset must be held separate from account owner, (with the exception of Solo 401(k)’s and Defined Benefit Pension Plans). For this purpose, most dealers rely upon the Delaware Depository for metals storage. Each account is secure and fully insured by the nation’s preeminent storage facility.

What are the benefits of a Gold IRA?

A precious metals-backed IRA provides the investor with the diversity that every portfolio needs by adding a physical, tangible asset to the mix. Risk is minimized with a deep and rich history of the ‘store of value’ that Gold has created for over 5,000 years. Once, the currency of Kings, Gold retains its value through continued high demand and scarcity. Gold is considered to be the most liquid asset in the world and is the only true international currency.

Understanding which precious metals are eligible for inclusion in a retirement account is complicated. Consider speaking to one of the Gold IRA experts from IRA in Gold – with 26 years’ experience, you can’t go wrong.

Gold IRA Accounts
Precious Metals may be considered an investment. This chart valuation is based on the performance of a IRA in Gold fully diversified portfolio consisting of Gold, Silver and Platinum in various forms, denominations and product types.Past performance, valuation and statistical results does not guarantee future results.

Many reasons give rise to the trend of physical Gold, Silver and Platinum, increasing in value over time. The following factors may be among the leading reasons whyGold has outperformed most other alternative asset investments for the last decade and have every expectation to continue to perform in the years ahead:
  • Inflation or de-valuation of the U.S. currency
  • An uncontrollable rising National Debt in the Trillions of dollars
  • Big Government Over Spending
  • Foreign Central Banks acquiring Gold
  • High, sustained unemployment rates
  • Rising Oil and Gas Prices
  • Economic uncertainty tied to the Depression or Recession
  • Middle East tensions
  • Supply v. Demand
  • Weakening U.S. Dollar via unsustainable stimulus programs
  • Huge budget deficits
  • Weak fundamentals in the Stock and Bond Market
  • Failing banks &ever-tightening; Banking Regulations
  • Massive Foreclosures& Personal Financial Insolvency
  • Natural disasters
It’s clear why investors all over the world are buying Gold as their primary investment strategy. When it comes to securing your future…everyone agrees that “diversification” provides investors with the opportunity for profit & growth while affording preservation & protection. Ask yourself – “If I lost all of my retirement in the stock or mutual fund market tomorrow…would I have time to earn it back again?” If the answer is a resounding “No” then protecting your retirement with precious metals is for YOU.
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