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At IRA in Gold, you can rollover an existing qualified or old 401k plan with zero tax or penalty consequence. We strive to meet only the highest expectations to ensure each and every customer we assist is not only satisfied with their investment options within the precious metals market, but also maintains peace of mind from the ‘smart money’ education we provide which allows each individual to make informed decisions about their financial future.

Do you believe your 401k retirement plan is safe just because your company or employer manages the account? This is a common misperception amongst holders of 401k accounts… Allow us to explain; 401k vehicles are designed to benefit the employer and investment companies before the employee. 401k Administrators are notorious for ‘loading up’ on administrative fees, offering poor investment options, and providing little to no disclosures in which can significantly impact the employee. A 401k plan was invented to first reward the administrators who work on behalf of your employer, not the employee. They often take hundreds and even thousands of dollars ‘within’ the investment purchases or liquidations themselves, and are also commonly known for adding regular processing and hidden fees each quarter of the year which are paid by you, the employee.

401k’s, notoriously offer only a handful of traditional investment options which are subject to marginal performance gains, ineffective investment diversification, and very little control over personal investment objectives. Typically, the various employee options consist of owning company stock, which inheritably carry’s significant risk, and a few mutual funds also known as ‘ETF’s, and perhaps a money market which often yields nominal returns less than 1%. The poorly designed 401k plan model is notably outdated in today’s investment world, and was created by the financial institutions, for the financial institutions. The absolute worst thing a person can do is leave their 401k behind when they leave employment.

As a nationally recognized precious metals dealer, IRA in Gold encourages individuals to rollover an existing or old 401k plan to rollover to a Precious Metals IRA in order to optimize the performance of their income and wealth. Establishing a rollover for your 401k plan to a Gold IRA is easy and only requires about 15 minutes of your time to get started. At IRA in Gold, we’ll assist you with 95% of the leg-work in order to start protecting your 401k plan with a Self-Directed IRA backed by physical precious metals. Additionally, IIG will help you diversify your investment options within your precious metals IRA to maximize your portfolio efficiency. We assist Americans daily with 401k rollovers, and our success is predicated upon listening to our clients which has propelled our expertise in this niche.

In summary, among the things most people don’t know is the fact that you can sometimes rollover a 401k to gold/silver while you’re still employed. Many employers will allow you to rollover the “vested” portion of your 401k -- that is the portion of the fund that the employee has contributed over their employment term. Most likely this will only be a partial rollover and some companies prohibit even that in order to ‘tie’ you up and control your investment dollars. While you may find that you do not have ideal control of your 401k while you’re employed, you are always guaranteed the right, under Federal law, to rollover 100% of your 401k as soon as you have departed your employer regardless if it is voluntary or not. The IRA executives at IRA in Gold will guide you through the process in order to setup a 401k rollover to gold that’s right for you. The process is straight forward and made simple. Once your Precious Metals IRA is established from your 401k rollover, you will have the right to self-direct your retirement plan without significant or hidden fees attached with administering a 401k. Give us a call today and get your financial future back on track with holding physical precious metals in your financial portfolio!
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